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I never intended to become a coach in the sport of running.  What began as fitness in my teenage years quickly became the pursuit of mastering every variable with performance in mind. I wanted to keep getting FASTER! For years I studied everything. And still.... I plateaued. Eventually I met a coach that unlocked things for me on a different level. This was the phase that led to my true understanding of what it takes to master distance running. I was able to prove it in my own performances first (with 11 marathons finished in the 2:20s to date) and then on the hundreds of athletes I've had the honor of coaching. It still excites me every time I see my athletes unlocking that next level. Many thanks to science and the crazy smart humans that have figured out so much for the rest of us so that all we have to do is master the art of putting it together correctly. These days, my purpose lies in paying it all forward to those looking to unlock the magic within themselves while searching for new techniques and methods that may sharpen the edge even further!


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