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I have limited availability on my coaching roster. Contact me for availability.


If I am able to take you on, we then schedule an onboarding consultation. 

A little more on my methods...


Every human may be the study of one... but science works! I have had tremendous success with methods derived from Renato Canova that were first introduced to me in 2012 and have continued to evolve since then.


Over the last decade, almost all of the training was done relative to percentages of goal race pace. My mission was to develop the specific cardio-respiratory fitness and power efficiency necessary to run the goal race pace just below the Anaerobic Threshold (the point at which your body switches from aerobic to anaerobic metabolism). I used 3 different types of key workouts per week, not including the recovery runs, working through 3 phases of training between 4-6 months. 

But that was the past. The future... is Run Flow! Since April of 2021 I have had the incredible pleasure of experiencing a new methodology first conceived by Richard Diaz, a good friend, coach and colleague. Run Flow is different than traditional training methods because it integrates the entire spectrum of energetic output - aerobic, anaerobic and VO2 max, into every session. I have personally trained for the Boston Marathon Pro Field using this method for 5 months and have coached many athletes using it as well.  Feel free to message me to learn more.

That all said, it's always up to you to decide the path you wish to follow. Guiding you along your journey is my passion!

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